About Us

Our company, EKOCELL CZ, specializes in well-proven and quality thermal insulation production and delivery. The main products are ecological thermal and acoustical cellulose insulation, VATIZOL, and ecological thermal polystyrene insulation, BALIZOL. 


In cooperation with the application companies, we provide thermal cladding and insulation of the internal and external constructions, roof-tops and trusses, attics, external walls and cross-pieces, ceilings and floors, outdoor fronts, all types of low-floor and panel dwelling and residential constructions


In cooperation with the realization firms, we offer special thermal-cladding and anti-condensation sprays – mixing cellulose insulation, VATIZOL, with fire-stopping and acoustical properties – for the industrial, agricultural, sports, and other spaces. For the very realization of insulation blowing and spraying, we provide and lend (loan) application devices, and provide realization firms training accomplished with a certificate. 


We deliver quality and reliable front system, Vinyl Siding, of the American firm CetrtainTeed Corp. 


In cooperation with realization firms, we design and provide the installation of our own original thermal cladding system of vented detached and residential houses fronts, called ES, i.e. Ekocell Siding. At the company office, we offer a free service and consultation, when optimizing the building energy requirements, using original software, SW-Energie, which assesses particular economy measurements effects and the return of investment.    
EKOCELL CZ is preparing other projects within the field of ecological insulations, thermal-cladding systems, and energy saving solutions. The company EKOCELL CZ, Ltd. was founded in 2010 by a group of investors owning established firms in the construction building field. After buying manufacture and storage space of 90,000 m2 in the Kunín municipality by Nový Jičín, in the northern Moravia, extensive reconstruction and modernization took place.     



The EKOCELL CZ, Ltd. premises