BALIZOL is ecological thermal and acoustical polystyrene insulation manufactured by cleansed polystyrene recycling. Predominantly, it consists of whole polystyrene pellets of not more than six millimetres in diameter. It is used to insulate indoor constructions and even very complicated designs, roof-tops and trusses, attics, external walls and cross-pieces, ceilings and floors. The insulation effectively prevents heat from leaking out and thermal bridges from occurring, it ensures high sound absorption capacity.

With the application device, we blow, using the dry method, the VATIZOL insulation into both open and closed spaces. With regard to its “liquidity”, quality hand pelting is also possible. Both methods are simple, fast, and effective, it is needless to de-construct structures, liquidate entire surfaces, or interfere with their construction in any other way.

It is used for residential houses, industrial and agricultural constructions, especially for the spaces with increased humidity and water vapour condensation. It possesses very good insulation and acoustical properties, minimal flattening rate, it is self-extinguishing, resistant to moulds, fungi, insects and rodents, it is harmless to health, does not cause skin irritation when applied.       

To the customers, it is delivered in plastic bags 140 cm high, with 50 cm in diameter, 0.25 m3 in volume.

Thermal conductivity (characteristic value due to ČSN 73 0540) max 0,037 W / m.K
Volume weight (density) 15 - 19 kg/m3
Equilibrium moisture at 28/30 max 10 %
Water vapour permeability – diffusion resistance coefficient 1,2 - 1,5
Response-to-fire category E
Flattening rate Does not flatten