Blowing insulation

The fundamental technological method of using our products VATIZOL and BALIZOL to thermal-clad constructions is their dry method blowing-in with the application device. It is a very simple, fast, and effective process; it is needless to de-construct structures, liquidate entire surfaces, or interfere with their construction in any other way.

The construction workers prepare the application device, bring hose-pipes in due spaces, and the ecological insulation itself is then blown, applying the free or volume technique, into designated thermal-clad points of both the indoor and outdoor constructions, such as external walls and cross-pieces, roof-tops, trusses and attics, ceilings and floors. Insulation effectively prevents heat from leaking out and thermal bridges from occurring, it provides a quality filler for all nooks and optimal interior thermal-and-humidity parameters as well as high sound absorption capacity. The application is fast and without unnecessary disturbance in the surroundings.


With the application device, we blow in, applying the dry method, the ES – Ekocell Siding thermal cladding system VATIZOL insulation, designed for detached and residential house vented fronts. In the industrial, agricultural, sports, and other spaces, we provide thermal and acoustical spraying of a special VATIZOL blend which includes the necessary fire resistance.