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Blowing insulation

The most economical insulation for your home

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The Ekocell System

Complex indoor and outdoor insulation system

You will save as much as 60 per cent of your insulation expenses
You will get the grant of as much as 50 per cent of the reconstruction expenses


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ES-Ekocell Siding

Insulation and front renovation modern systems


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Aplication machines

We sell and rent the blowing-insulation and moistened-spraying application devices

High quality and long service life with a minimal maintenance belong to the main advantages of the devices

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Savings assessment

We offer a free consultation when optimizing the building energy requirements using the software Atrea


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Collecting point

We offer a sorted-paper buyout at competitive rates, and a EPS waste polystyrene collection

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About Us

Our company, EKOCELL CZ, specializes in well-proven and quality thermal insulation production and delivery.

The main products are ecological thermal and acoustical cellulose insulation, VATIZOL, and ecological thermal polystyrene insulation, BALIZOL. In cooperation with application firms, we provide thermal cladding and insulation both inside and on the outside of constructions, of roof-tops and trusses, attics, external walls and cross-pieces, ceilings and floors, outdoor fronts, all types of low-floor and panel dwelling and residential constructions.

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Expert training EKOCELL CZ 19

The expert training in the original front insulation system ES – Ekocell Siding for application firms is in the course of preparation and will take place at alternative date and time.