ES - Ekocell Siding

ES – Ekocell Siding thermal cladding system is designed for additional front thermal cladding of all types of low-floor and panel dwelling and residential constructions. It is designed for professional firms as well as do-it-on-your-own customers.  



It consists of patented anchor grid in thin-walled form cross raster that anchors, via thermal-insulating and hold-down clips through wall plugs (screw anchors), to the existing wall. The thermal-insulating layer is made of cellulose which is blown, with an application device, in between vertical girders of the grid to cover the grid completely. The insulation layer is covered with a water-proof and diffusion-permeable foil.

The front surface consists of Vinyl Siding lamellaeand accessories provided by the North American company CertainTeed. They are fixed to laths that delimit the ventilation layer of the front. When constructing on one´s own, it possible to replace the VATIZOL blow-in cellulose with mineral wool boards (e.g. Knaufinsulation) placed inside the grid of 1000 mm × 600 mm in size.

 The ES system basic advantages


- as much as 50 % detached-house heating expenses decrease

  - economically most effective thermal savings equipment for the existing facilities (integrated blow-in ceiling and rooftop cavities technology)
- the possibility of doing it on one´s own, utterly or partially   - ideal external wall thermal – moisture parameters for vapour diffusion
- very short time for return of resources invested in thermal cladding (two to four years, depending on the heating medium type)          - high thermal-accumulation parameters and temperature wave phase shift (as many as nine times higher with regard to EPS) incladding constructions
- arbitrary insulation thickness allows for gaining the wall constructions thermal characteristics matching the low-energy or even passive standard            - the need for fixing damaged plasters as well as complete levelling prior to thermal cladding (as with contact thermal cladding systems) can be eliminated
- the Ekocell Siding (ES) vented front system provides permanently perfect original construction wall dehumidification (in contrast to diffusion closed systems where, on the contrary, the humidity may accumulate, or even condensate) -         - minimal energy intensity of the VATIZOL construction (4,3 MJ per kg) compared to the polystyrene (110 MJ per kg) and mineral wool (34 MJ per kg) constructions
- complex thermal cladding proposal optimization using the company´s ATREA, ltd. original software   - excellent clean-ability, long service life (as many as fifty years)
- modern architectural look of the original construction   - overall thermal cladding and wallcovering expenses are not more than fifteen to twenty per cent (!) higher than when reconstructing the front in the masonry way only
- currently the most cost-effective thermal cladding system in the Czech Republic    - colour durability guaranteed
- elimination of mould formation on the Siding surface   - the American company CertainTeed´s highest quality Siding type
- Thermal cladding significantly improves inhabitants´ health condition in the respiration disease increased risk areas (as much as fifty per cent improvement).    

Technical parameters


Vatizol     Siding  
Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0,040 W/mK   Response-to-fire category: D - s3, d0
Volume weight: cca 65 kg/m3   Flame spread index:(STN 730 863) is = 0,00 mm/min
Diffusion coefficient: 4      
Response-to-fire category: B – s1, d0      
Deliquescence: max. 5%      
Surface flame spread: i = 0,00 mm/min      
Flattening rate: 0%      
Metal reactivity: influence free